Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Face Paint Makes Everything Intense

I recently saw a commercial for ESPN Gameplan, which lets you watch all sorts of out-of-market college football games, so you can follow your favorite team no matter where you are! In the ad, the various fans were watching games in their "living rooms" which look conspicuously like all-white studio sets with a couch, TV, and a smattering of some multi-ethnic yet approachable friends thrown in. But the one thing about this ad that struck me was the lead fans for each group - they were completely decked out in team colors, face paint and all (and a little corn hat for the Nebraska fan). I realized then that the addition of face paint makes everything intense. I still wasn't going to buy ESPN Gameplan, but I was certainly more exited about not buying it.

So, do you have a boring situation that you desperately want to spice up before you succumb to a mind-numbingly boring eternity of mundane tedium and woe? If so, just throw on some face paint, preferrably the team colors of your favorite football/hockey/basketball/chess/professional wheelbarrow racing team and GET EXCITED. I promise that you will not able to resist the urge to start yelling, hollering, insulting someone's mother, and crying how you could have totally washed the heck out of those dishes if only you hadn't gotten that knee injury in college.

Whether you're doing some household chores..

Walking the dog...

Or getting through a work day...

You will find the hours fly by once the face paint comes on. Every little moment is a victory, an excuse to high five your neighbors (bonus points if they aren't playing the face paint game) and do an endzone dance in your driveway. Life will become an exciting adventure once you've got face paint as part of your game plan.

SAFETY NOTE: Always be aware of your surroundings. Be wary of wearing face paint to a funeral, unless the deceased shared your enthusiasm for life. Also, a celebration dance must be situation appropriate or you'll risk the involvement of management and/or local law enforcement.

And finally, if you choose to liven-up the babysitting experience by including face paint,

remember that the baby is NOT a football and should NOT be spiked after it successfully finishes a bottle. This will also invoke the involvement of local law enforcement, and face paint is not appropriate in prison either.


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