Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Guest Post! - LOTR Livetweet

This is an epic post about an epic. How appropriate! Last week my friend Peter (and awesome senior design partner/fellow TA/generally cool dude) watched Fellowship of the Ring and live-tweeted about it. I loled most heartily, and we both thought it would make a lovely post. So, here is an illustrated livetweet for your enjoyment - tweets by Peter, pictures by me. Also..I effing love Twitter.

I think Gandalf giving the finger to the Moria door is my favorite drawing in the set. Also, in the interest of full disclosure, I did not free-hand draw the design on the door - I tried but it looked retarded, so I traced that bit. I'll get better, I promise.

Couldn't think of a good picture...

The Hobbits are all vaguely interchangeable to me. I also realize I could have gotten all fancy with their vests and cloaks and things. Oh well...

This seriously bugs the crap out of me. There are like 17 options Gandalf had that didn't involve falling off the damn bridge. Way to be a wise wizard there, chief.

Lothlorien is comprised of exactly one tree. So there. Also #OHSHITARROWSINMAHFACE might be my favorite hashtag in the history of Twitter. We must find reasons to use this.

Peter's side of the conversation where the sheer brilliance of making a post out of this occurred. [Shameless plug: follow me on Twitter.]

I couldn't satisfy myself with Galadriel...I feel like her neck never worked right, but I've been working on this for about 10 hours now and I am just really excited and want to post it.

I thought about giving the Black Riders the same googly eyes I give all my people, but it was just too silly.

I know, I know...carrying the ring is a BFD. But two more movies of Frodo whining? Just too much.

I also had to trace parts of Gollum because he too was looking retarded. That's why he has real fingers and toes.

So honestly? I don't remember a giant foot at all. I *think* it's at Amon Hen when Frodo is wandering around before Boromir gets all up in his grill, but I honestly could not recall where a giant random foot was and I couldn't find a helpful screencap. So...that's what I envision it looking like.

Look at the over-doing it grin...you can't trust that shifty fellow.

Yay Peter! Thank you for your lols.

~Melody and Peter

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Holiday Card!

Top 10 Team T'Awards

I recently got the opportunity to draw up the end of year "team" awards for our group. This was both awesome (getting to draw MS and come up with funny awards for everyone) and tiring (there are 43 people on the team. Ow!) Stephani and I have selected our Top 10 - either ones that were a lot of fun to draw/come up with or relate to an amusing story. So, here's a run-down (in no particular order. All 10 are equally "top"), complete with explanation. Keep in mind these were all in good fun and no offense is meant to be made.


This guy recently had (Ok, his wife had. He was there.) his first child (who is admittedly pretty adorable), and he loves to talk about her. A lot. You'd be surprised how few leaps it takes for any conversation to relate back to babies. :D


This guy is cool, and he's got the indoor aviators to show it.


This guy is know for two things: a love of all things bacon, and one hell of a laugh. His LOLs carry through our pod, brightening anyone's day. He has been known to turn purple if the LOL is strong enough.


This gal says some very amusing things, completely unintentionally. Put her in a room with the guy from #3 and you probably power a city with his LOLs.


This was the hardest award to come up with. This guy is the fire warden for the floor, a proud Canadian, and coordinator of our group's monthly socials. His friendly personality is impossible to fit into just one mold. He's seen here making his famous "Haters gonna hate" pose.


This guy goes by his middle name (not Steve), but all the company databases have him listed by his first name (Steve). There's constantly been a lot of confusion on just who he is. We've decided that "Steve" is the guy to blame if he messes something up.


This kid...oh my. He was the United Way coordinator and send out probably 187 emails about it in ONE WEEK. He is all about Outlook. A lot of the team has a folder specifically to catch all his emails. If I ever get in "email jail" (inbox too full) - look to this guy as a reason.


This award has a slightly censored title -it should really read "Most Likely to Yell "Fuck!" in a Crowded Restaurant. This stems from an incident where a small group of us went out for pizza. There was some chatting, some drinking, some yelling...and one bitchy mom. (Note: She was not bitchy for asking people not to swear around her kids [who were like, at least in their teens]. She was bitchy in her demeanor and making that request)


This guy chills at the back of our pod. He's pretty quiet, but every so often pops up with something so completely hilarious. Once, he got on the subject of hookers and blow, loudly, while the guy next to him was on a phone-meeting. So. Freaking. Hilarious. He keeps to himself, hence the award.


We had to do presentations about ourselves, where we came from, and what we do. This guy pointed out the famed butter cow of the Iowa state fair. He is at least 5.67 cool points above the butter cow. He gets mad props for wearing the tackiest sweater I've ever seen (this thing had rhinestones, y'all) for tacky sweater day.

So, there's that. I will be ducking out for the holidays, but will try to draw something Christmasy for you.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Adventures in Interviewing

As I mentioned in my mini-post, I was recently selected for a new role at my job. This is possibly the coolest thing that's happened since I got married, as now I can stop doing the one I said in my original interviews I didn't want to do, and now be doing the one thing I said I really want to do. I'll be developing applications for Android and iPhone platforms and it's magical and exciting. I think I even get a laptop. Oh snap!

To get to this point, I had to go through 4 different interviews. While the types of these interviews was nothing new (initial screen, skills, behavioral, and closing), the path I took through them was probably the most unique and memorable one I've had so far.

Introduction - That thing that makes books seem deep and meaningful

Interviewing is a complicated beast. You need to look completely awesome and badass without coming off like a tool. You need to be memorable, but not weird. You need to be comfortable, but not too casual; answer with ease without sounding overly practiced or coached. (I originally typed that as "overly cracticed or poached". I had no idea that Spoonerisms could carry over into typing. Then I was amused as I thought of an overly poached egg in a little suit having a interview.) It's something we will have to deal with at some point. I always end up going with the plan of using my ridiculous trivia knowledge to interject random facts (but not really weird ones). This way, I stand out as being "that girl with all the facts". Sometimes it falls flat. However, other times, it works absolutely wonderfully and creates a rapport with the interviewer. What follows is one of the latter.

Chapter I - On Handshakes and Boy Scouts

My first interview was a hastily scheduled 15-minute affair, just to put a face with my resume and make sure I wasn't some sort of robot, because apparently robots are not qualified for development work.

I arrive in all my humany glory, which pretty much fulfills all the needed points of the interview. "Let's see...you have thumbs? Check. You passed the first round!" He told me about the position and team, and we discussed my college a little bit. As the interview time drew to a close, I go to shake his hand...

Back story time! Kane is a super Boy Scout-y type, which I have always found really cool. I was a Girl Scout for awhile, but my leader was all about making aprons and cookies and not ever going outside because it was yucky, so that didn't last long. I always wanted to be in the Boy Scouts because they got to do cool things. Alas, I had boobs, which I guess would distract the boys from making fires or pitching (non-pants) tents (yes, I just made an erection joke. DEAL), so no cool Scouts for me. Recently, I've been accompanying Kane to scouting events. Scouts, ostensibly having something to do with trust but really because I think they just have to be different, shake with their left hand. I'm cool with this because I'm left handed.

Since my last few rounds of "shake all the hands!" have been at scouting events, I had left-handed shaking programmed in.

Back to your regularly scheduled blog post! I go to shake his hand....and lead with my left. He, of course, comes in with the right. Oh noes! What do we do? Is he now thinking "wow, this girl doesn't even know how a handshake works? I don't care if she does have thumbs, no job for her." Then magic happens: he switches it up! We shake left-handed! He assumes it's due to left handed-ness, but then I whip out the Boy Scouts knowledge. You Eagle Scouts think that gets you perks...being a girl who knows about Eagle Scout things really helps you out. The interviewer was all "I didn't make it past Webelos. You know what that is?" and I'm all "hell yeah I know about Webelos!" and then we talk about Scouts for 5 minutes.

However, after scouts, we talked about handshakes and the history thereof. This will be important later. The cool thing was that I had made an impression on interviewer dude.

Chapter 2 - And who was late on the pop 'n lock?

The next day, I had my behavioral interview. Conveniently, it was with the same guy I had had the initial screen the day before. This one was your standard "tell me about a time when..." interview where I got to discuss my Senior Design project, which manages to fit as an answer to almost any of the questions those types of interviews contain. I was feeling good. The interview wraps up. Then, this happens:

Interviewer: So, I was thinking about handshakes yesterday. Which made me think of Howie Mandel.
Me: Oh?
Interviewer: Yeah, how he's a germaphobe so he does the little fist bump thing. I think that's kind of weird.
Me: Well, hands can be icky.
Interviewer: Yeah. But then like, fist bumps are really cool.

Random, but neat. So, he walks me to the door. I go in for the handshake. However Chuck (interview dude. Probably should have mentioned that), says "nah...let's be cool." And then we fistpounded. I got to fistpound with the interviewer!

We even did the little "pull back and go boom and make a little explosion with your hand" thing. (That has a name...what is it? I feel like attempting to Google it will lead me down dark paths.) I felt like a champion. It almost didn't matter if the interview itself went well...I had passed into "fistpound" coolness.

Chapter 3 - The danger of random outbursts

Later that same day, I had my skills interview as well. I had asked a friend who had gone through the process beforehand what kinds of questions to expect. She told me nothing super technical...just know your stuff and you're. Specially, I asked about all those "what is polymorphism...talk about abstract things versus interfaces..and so on" questions typical in Java interviews. She said they wouldn't be asking those. I thought I was set.

I get on the call (this was an over the phone interview with someone in St. Louis), riding the high of my fistpound from earlier. Things start well, typically "describe some projects you've done" kind of discussions. I again get to use the magic Senior Design project. Things are looking good.

But then…interview theme shift! He does, in fact, make with the “typical Java interview” questions. Now, I am aware of all the answers to these questions, trust me. However, when you’ve planned to not have them asked and have been focusing on an entirely different question set, it takes a bit to refocus your brain. I’ve mentioned previously how my brain works differently. So I’m over here thinking about Batman and then I’m called on to explain polymorphism.

CRAP! I panic. This is an approximation on the conversation that followed:

Me: Uh…well, it’s Greek for “many forms” [Yes, I said this. Please punch me in the face].
Interviewer: It’s one of those things you use all the time but you can’t describe.
Me: It’s like that you can have a car, but that car can be a Ford and haul heavy things, or it can be a Cadillac and go 30 miles per hour down the highway since a little old lady is driving.
Interview: Hm…that’s actually a really good panic answer. It’s ok…I think you know it. Like I said, it’s something you see every day and can’t remember the name of.
Me: LIKE A UVULA! [Oh Lord, what did I just say!?]
Interviewer: ….What?
Me: That little thing in the back of your throat…you see it, but it has a funny name…
Interviewer: Oh. Yeah. Like that…

The interview continued with the rest of the Java questions and now that my brain had readjusted, I answered them with no problems. I was wary, however, that I broken my rule of “no weird facts” and had ruined everything but going for the anatomy lesson.

Chapter 4 – The Closer

I was now left to wait and see if I would be granted a closing interview. I did not feel the tides where in my favor since I had whipped out my uvula the day before, but I hoped nonetheless.

After a day or two, I was sent the request for a final interview. I had hoped the skills interviewer had gotten temporary amnesia and forgot to record my uvula outburst. This was to be a short phone interview. It became a lot less intimidating when a woman called me and “coached” me for the interview – essentially telling me everything I should say to sound good. I had a script in hand – how could I screw up?

Spoiler Alert: I didn’t. This interview actually went really well. But, since none of these could happen without something of note, I shall recall the two amusing side-tracks my closing interview took.

First, the phone was making that weird interference noise when someone has their cell too close to the handset. The lead interviewer (the woman who coached me the day before was also present) apologized, saying that he had been put up in what used to be a girl’s school but was probably actually a prison and he could reach out and touch any of the four walls if he sat in the middle of the room. Thus, he couldn’t get his cell far enough away from the phone without hanging it out a window – which he said he totally thought about trying. Cool dude – I liked his ingenuity.

Secondly, this happened (for reals):

Interviewer: This is an uberly cool thing!
Me: Excellent use of a form of uber.
Interviewer: Yeah, it’s sweet. Though I guess it doesn’t become “uberly”, since it’s German. I guess it’d be “Uber…stein”? “Uber…macht”? I don’t know – something that sounds angry no matter how nicely you say it.

Then we went back to serious matters, and finished the short interview. I was excited to work on this guy's team. Anyone who makes tangents on girl's school-prisons and angry German-sounding things is awesome.

Epilogue – The part where things actually end

So, I got the job. I like to think that my random outbursts mostly helped. Remember, it’s good to remembered in interviews. Just probably not for uvulas.


P.S. Oh, you totally knew I was going to draw the poached egg in a suit. You had to.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Updates, Pleas, and Randomness - A Fairly Normal Day For Me


1) I have this cool post I'm working on. However, I got overloaded with MS Paint at work - we're giving out end of the year "team" awards and yours truly was drawing one for each person - 43 in all. Plus a card for our boss' boss for her retirement. So, since I don't want the drawings that go with the awesome post to be bad (well, not bad on purpose anyway), then I'm taking a break and crafting the writing bit.

2) I GOT THIS AMAZING JOB! Going to be doing some mobile device development (if I ever get officially moved to the other team). I couldn't be more excited about this.

3) I joined Twitter (finally, as my sister pointed out) and am pretty much falling in love with it. I'm @datazoid1701 and you should totally follow me. Sometimes I say funny things, like the short-form version of this blog. In fact, I will use my Twitter as a companion to the blog. So, if you tweet things that amuse me they may totally show up in blog posts in the future.

Pleas - well actually only one plea:

I have a goal for the new year! Actually, I have several, which I will undoubtedly post about, complete with pretty pictures. Anyway, this goal: I want to hit 20 followers of the blog. So...please? Love me? Clicky the follow button? God will probably not only not kill a kitten, he will save one from being killed from one of those other "Do this or God kills a kitten" things. So, by officially following the blog, you will not only make me happy and give me self-esteem, but you will save the lives of adorable kittens as well. (And if you don't like kittens, substitute something adorable you do like).


Uhh...oh! .PNGs These are effing awesone and I don't know why I haven't been using them before now. If you thought these posts were sweet-tastic before, just wait until I start rolling out the .PNG versions of drawings. Say goodbye to fuzzy pixels and artifacts all over black text on a white background and say hello to lovely, sharp drawings. Shit's gonna get real, ya'll.

So...that's kind of the state of things. A cool post is coming, just need to get the mojo of the MS Paint back.


Friday, December 3, 2010

It Lurks...in the Cafeteria!

This is a special request post for my very good friend Antonio, who is actually incredibly awesome despite being one of the ones responsible for me having a cat. Merry early Christmas! You rock and please keep being my friend.

There is a Chick-Fil-A in one of our buildings, where we get breakfast semi-often. Their chicken biscuit is a magical piece of happy wrapped in foil, with the power to make any cold, yucky morning completely evaporate into a steam of chickeny goodness. The staff is so friendly and efficient. The whole experience just makes you feel good.

However, like all good things, there is one down side to this poultry paradise. There is one employee who darkens the experience, ruining all chickeny goodness you had built up so much hope for. I give you, the Lizard Lady.

She is this ancient, skeletal old woman who is literally drying out as we speak. You know in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade where Donovan "chose poorly" and drank from the wrong cup? He gets all super old really fast and then just turns to dust? I feel like that may happen to this woman at any moment. Her tongue is constantly shooting out to moisten her lips, often complete with a strange smacking sound. She seems only half there, but she's apparently been working hard, as she proudly displays her "10 Years of Service" pin beneath her name tag. I wonder if everyone is just too nice to fire a little old lady.

When we approach the Chick-Fil-A, you can see our group start to hang back. We all fake like we don't know what we want, or that perhaps we just got a very important text message. We try to arrange ourselves behind each other, hiding from the Lizard Lady. However, her random eagerness to serve, means that she will stand behind her register, waving frantically to take the next customer.

We start to feel bad that no one is giving her attention, wondering if her little heart is crushing under the disappointment. So eventually, one of us bites the bullet and steps up for what will be a long, confusing ride.

First, you have to order. This is the first challenge. As you begin to speak, you can see her eyes glaze over, like her brain just refuses to take in words.

This means that you will repeat your order, no matter how simple or complex, no less than 7 times. Once that is finally accomplished, on comes the next part: paying. This is no good for the Lizard Lady, as numbers and credit cards are just the most confusing things in the world. She has yet to read off the total to me correctly. I then hand her my card, which she stares at, transfixed. What could this magic piece of plastic be? Does it do a trick? Do you make houses with it? She twirls it over in her hands, willing the card to give up its secrets. Eventually, her eyes alight as she remembers that you scan the card in the little box and it makes money happen. Hooray! We've ordered, we've paid...all that's left is to take the food, typically already bagged up, and hand it to me.

This is the point where you should probably just whip out a book or play some games on your cell phone. The Lizard Lady moves no faster than a snail on speed.

And God help you if you move out of the way to let other customers order. She will never find you. Even though you've moved all of 2 feet to the right, she will scan the crowd futilely. You've turned into Waldo. You have to start waving your arms around like a wild monkey for her to suddenly become aware of your presence, even though she was staring right where you were the entire time. It's like a T-Rex; you've stopped moving and she can no longer see you.

But finally, even after you've watched the other cashiers handle 4 orders in the time you waited for yours, you have your biscuit! All can be right with the world! You hurry over to your friends, who have been anxiously waiting on you. You open the bag, slowing removing your buttery treasure. You savor that moment before the first bite, taking in the joy. However, all is soon crushed. The bite is not warm and happy anymore - the heat dissipated as she slowly sauntered to hand you your food. This breakfast has become sullen; another victim of the Lizard Lady.

Also, I'm pretty sure she tried to eat my credit card once. She certainly made to bite it.


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Things That Annoy Me and Really Shouldn’t, the Second and Final

Here is the second part of my 9 annoying things list. I would also like to add the weather as a current annoyance because it's so miserable and grey and depressing. And wet...I slipped walking to the train and further hurt my foot. It's all red and puffy and sore and I should really probably get it looked at but I'm...not. Probably a bad choice, but as they say: "Us, with the boobs? We make a lot of bad decisions."

The Annoyance: My grandmother-in-law's cooking.

Why It Shouldn't Bother Me: It's free food! Made with grandmotherly love

Why It Does Anyway: I think free food loses the appeal when you can't actually eat any of it. Through a combination of a wussy stomach and being a mildly picky eater, I have a somewhat limited diet. Kane's grandmother knows this, invites us over for dinner...and then makes exactly 1 dish out of 6 that I eat. I manage to feed myself daily, with enough of a variety that I don't go crazy. Yet she consistently makes the exact same meal every time we come over, and wonders every time why I eat very little. I don't think it's too much to consider someone's diet when you invite them for dinner. It's one meal you make a little differently. I don't feed my vegetarian friends chicken if they come over, and I don't make a chocolate dessert for my friends who don't like chocolate. My sister in law is allergic/intolerant to like 70 different things, yet when she visits us we make food she can eat and we all enjoy.

When there is something I can eat, I get all excited for about two seconds. It is a complete non-exaggeration that EVERY dish she makes contains at least a stick of butter. It floats atop the potatoes, too saturated to mix in. The brussel sprouts are swimming in a gleaming pool of creamy yellow goo. My poor stomach just can't handle that. I eat half a serving and am filled with so much grease I think my organs are going to shoot out of I sneeze too hard. It's just...too much. Before someone comments that she's just a good Southern cook...she's from Spain. I do not believe that Paula Deen-levels of butter are the top cuisine over there.

The Annoyance: When shirt sleeves/collars are not even.

Why It Shouldn't Bother Me: People, you know...move. Things are going to get ruffled up.

Why It Does Anyway: It's...not...even. I literally get all twitchy if someone's sleeve is half rolled up or their collar is half popped. I have to invade someone's personal space to fix it. If I notice this while I'm conversing with you, anything you say until it gets fixed is not going to be heard. I'm too busy restraining the urge to just tackle you to the ground and fix your shirt. Actually, the more I think about it, the more this looks like "you have mild OCD about this and may want to chill out" than a minor annoyance. Uh...moving on...

The Annoyance: When people leave their turn signals on for miles after they changed lanes.

Why It Shouldn't Bother Me: People get used to it automatically turning off, so if they changed lanes, they simple forget about not having turned enough to trigger it off.

Why It Does Anyway: From my perspective (this may tie in to the above annoyance), it's really distracting. Firstly, it's all blinky blinky and it's attracting my attention, like it was designed to do. I am giving you my attention. I don't know if you forgot to turn it off or if you're planning to leap lanes at any minute like a highway gazelle. In addition to all the other things I have to watch when driving, I have to give extra focus to you because your backside is flashing in my face. A lot of newer cars not only have the standard signals in the back, but also on the sides/mirrors. I can't help but see it, which again is the point, so please DO SOMETHING so I can go back to my regularly-scheduled driving program and not having to keep extra watch for you to try and ninja your way across 4 lanes at once.

Secondly...it makes very concerned about you as a driver. Those things make noise inside in the car! Do you not hear the clicky sound? Even if they don't make noise, they blink on your console. The fact that yours has been going for 7 miles tells me you haven't checked out your dash in quite some time. You don't know how fast you're going or if some "imminent death" warning light has popped up. It shows me that you are incredibly non-observant about your surroundings, which again means I have to pay extra attention to you because I can't trust you'll notice where your exit is and that at any moment you may hop 3 lanes in one go and then we may all die.

Final point - I also get annoyed when people turn on the signal for one direction and then go the other way. You are again laughing in the face of the intended purpose for the turn signal. When we all die, it's probably your fault.

The Annoyance: People telling me I should love the cat.

Why It Shouldn't Bother Me: Many people love animals and don't understand why I don't love this adorable little fuzzball.

Why It Does Anyway: The same way that you can't really generalize all people because we are all unique precious little snowflakes? Also applies to animals. Just because your cat is an angel who snuggles up next to you and is just "TOO CUTE!" doesn't mean that mine will be the same way. And in fact, mine isn't. I've talked at length about how I loathe this cat and all the ways it wants to ruin things for me. You having a cat does not make you an expert on all cats. Mine is just not well behaved, and I don't like it for that. If my cat is really just so wonderful, you're welcome to have it. I'll fake out my husband with a stuffed animal that has a recording of the cat's "possessed by Satan and calling back to hell" meow/growl.

Furthermore....how do you expect this to work:

You: You should love the cat!
Me: Oh, thank you! I couldn't love the cat before, but you telling me to just made all the difference!

Um..no. The next option always seem to be "well, let me tell you all the ways my cat is great! That will make you like yours!" Again, no. It makes me like your cat, but as we discussed, no two cats are the same. In fact, it actually makes me hate my cat more because he is nothing like your cat. So, good job there.

Lastly: It is okay to not like things! I love mushrooms and shrimp, but my husband doesn't. My best friend loves spicy things and I can't stand them. My good friends are huge soccer fans and I am completely indifferent to it. It's going to happen! We are different people who like different things, and that's okay. Just because you have a hard on for kitties doesn't mean I need to as well. Having this conversation just makes you seem like an ass:

Cat Lover: Love the cat!
Me: Ok...what's something you don't like?
CL: Purple is an ugly color!
Me: Well, you should like purple! It's wonderful and happy!
CL: No! It's stupid! You're stupid! You can't make me like purple!
Me: And you can't make me like cats.
CL: But my cat, Mr. Fluffy Bootkins, is TOO KEWT! YOU MUST LOVE ALL CATS!
Me: *sigh*

I might have mis-remembered a few details of that conversation, but that's the general idea.

The Annoyance: People who call me and don't leave messages.

Why It Shouldn't Bother Me: If you called, it stands to reason that you want to talk. I can easily call you back.

Why It Does Anyway: Leaving a message tells me that you need something from me. I used to have a phone that would turn itself off fairly often. As such, any missed calls I had wouldn't show up as a notification once I turned it back on. I would really have no idea you called, unless you left a message. I'd get people annoyed with me for never calling them back even though I didn't know they called in the first place. I even made my voice mail recording specifically request that you leave a message or I might lose that you called. And people still didn't. And still got mad.

As you may have guessed or remembered from an earlier post, I hate using the phone. There's such a disconnect in not being able to read body language that I feel like I can't communicate effectively over the phone. Texting and emails work better because you should be stripping all that subtext away when you type. The phone crosses that boundary. As such, I like being prepared for conversations...hence why I want you to leave a message. I hate seeing a missed call several hours later, only to actually call the person back and have them say "oh, I don't need anything. Just seeing what was up, but it's too late now." This becomes awkward (see the previous post about awkwardness on phones), and could have been avoided with a message stating "if you get this before 7, let's grab some dinner!" If you say "hey, do you have the code for X"...I can look it up, call you, and get it to you. Otherwise, I'm left scrambling once you tell me what you need because I wasn't ready for it.

Lastly...it really helps me know if you meant to call me, or if it was a butt dial. (Though this doesn't always work because a friend ass-called me once and didn't know it. The call went all the way to voicemail where I ended up with a 5 minutes voice mail of him drunk and trying to put on his pants. Actually that worked out really hilariously.)

So those are some things that really bother me and probably shouldn't. I guess I'm a mildly bad person or something. I am toying with some new post ideas. I had a wacky dream I kind of want to illustrate.