Monday, December 13, 2010

Updates, Pleas, and Randomness - A Fairly Normal Day For Me


1) I have this cool post I'm working on. However, I got overloaded with MS Paint at work - we're giving out end of the year "team" awards and yours truly was drawing one for each person - 43 in all. Plus a card for our boss' boss for her retirement. So, since I don't want the drawings that go with the awesome post to be bad (well, not bad on purpose anyway), then I'm taking a break and crafting the writing bit.

2) I GOT THIS AMAZING JOB! Going to be doing some mobile device development (if I ever get officially moved to the other team). I couldn't be more excited about this.

3) I joined Twitter (finally, as my sister pointed out) and am pretty much falling in love with it. I'm @datazoid1701 and you should totally follow me. Sometimes I say funny things, like the short-form version of this blog. In fact, I will use my Twitter as a companion to the blog. So, if you tweet things that amuse me they may totally show up in blog posts in the future.

Pleas - well actually only one plea:

I have a goal for the new year! Actually, I have several, which I will undoubtedly post about, complete with pretty pictures. Anyway, this goal: I want to hit 20 followers of the blog. So...please? Love me? Clicky the follow button? God will probably not only not kill a kitten, he will save one from being killed from one of those other "Do this or God kills a kitten" things. So, by officially following the blog, you will not only make me happy and give me self-esteem, but you will save the lives of adorable kittens as well. (And if you don't like kittens, substitute something adorable you do like).


Uhh...oh! .PNGs These are effing awesone and I don't know why I haven't been using them before now. If you thought these posts were sweet-tastic before, just wait until I start rolling out the .PNG versions of drawings. Say goodbye to fuzzy pixels and artifacts all over black text on a white background and say hello to lovely, sharp drawings. Shit's gonna get real, ya'll.

So...that's kind of the state of things. A cool post is coming, just need to get the mojo of the MS Paint back.



  1. Ah, yes. PNGs == t3h rockage of awesome.

    PS: I've tried to follow your blog like eight times. Blogger is t3h fail as I am still not in the list :(

  2. must follow zee blog! You're mentioned enough in it. :D