Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Top 10 Team T'Awards

I recently got the opportunity to draw up the end of year "team" awards for our group. This was both awesome (getting to draw MS and come up with funny awards for everyone) and tiring (there are 43 people on the team. Ow!) Stephani and I have selected our Top 10 - either ones that were a lot of fun to draw/come up with or relate to an amusing story. So, here's a run-down (in no particular order. All 10 are equally "top"), complete with explanation. Keep in mind these were all in good fun and no offense is meant to be made.


This guy recently had (Ok, his wife had. He was there.) his first child (who is admittedly pretty adorable), and he loves to talk about her. A lot. You'd be surprised how few leaps it takes for any conversation to relate back to babies. :D


This guy is cool, and he's got the indoor aviators to show it.


This guy is know for two things: a love of all things bacon, and one hell of a laugh. His LOLs carry through our pod, brightening anyone's day. He has been known to turn purple if the LOL is strong enough.


This gal says some very amusing things, completely unintentionally. Put her in a room with the guy from #3 and you probably power a city with his LOLs.


This was the hardest award to come up with. This guy is the fire warden for the floor, a proud Canadian, and coordinator of our group's monthly socials. His friendly personality is impossible to fit into just one mold. He's seen here making his famous "Haters gonna hate" pose.


This guy goes by his middle name (not Steve), but all the company databases have him listed by his first name (Steve). There's constantly been a lot of confusion on just who he is. We've decided that "Steve" is the guy to blame if he messes something up.


This kid...oh my. He was the United Way coordinator and send out probably 187 emails about it in ONE WEEK. He is all about Outlook. A lot of the team has a folder specifically to catch all his emails. If I ever get in "email jail" (inbox too full) - look to this guy as a reason.


This award has a slightly censored title -it should really read "Most Likely to Yell "Fuck!" in a Crowded Restaurant. This stems from an incident where a small group of us went out for pizza. There was some chatting, some drinking, some yelling...and one bitchy mom. (Note: She was not bitchy for asking people not to swear around her kids [who were like, at least in their teens]. She was bitchy in her demeanor and making that request)


This guy chills at the back of our pod. He's pretty quiet, but every so often pops up with something so completely hilarious. Once, he got on the subject of hookers and blow, loudly, while the guy next to him was on a phone-meeting. So. Freaking. Hilarious. He keeps to himself, hence the award.


We had to do presentations about ourselves, where we came from, and what we do. This guy pointed out the famed butter cow of the Iowa state fair. He is at least 5.67 cool points above the butter cow. He gets mad props for wearing the tackiest sweater I've ever seen (this thing had rhinestones, y'all) for tacky sweater day.

So, there's that. I will be ducking out for the holidays, but will try to draw something Christmasy for you.


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  1. Sad... I only recognize 4 of them. Very funny though.