Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Guest Post! - LOTR Livetweet

This is an epic post about an epic. How appropriate! Last week my friend Peter (and awesome senior design partner/fellow TA/generally cool dude) watched Fellowship of the Ring and live-tweeted about it. I loled most heartily, and we both thought it would make a lovely post. So, here is an illustrated livetweet for your enjoyment - tweets by Peter, pictures by me. Also..I effing love Twitter.

I think Gandalf giving the finger to the Moria door is my favorite drawing in the set. Also, in the interest of full disclosure, I did not free-hand draw the design on the door - I tried but it looked retarded, so I traced that bit. I'll get better, I promise.

Couldn't think of a good picture...

The Hobbits are all vaguely interchangeable to me. I also realize I could have gotten all fancy with their vests and cloaks and things. Oh well...

This seriously bugs the crap out of me. There are like 17 options Gandalf had that didn't involve falling off the damn bridge. Way to be a wise wizard there, chief.

Lothlorien is comprised of exactly one tree. So there. Also #OHSHITARROWSINMAHFACE might be my favorite hashtag in the history of Twitter. We must find reasons to use this.

Peter's side of the conversation where the sheer brilliance of making a post out of this occurred. [Shameless plug: follow me on Twitter.]

I couldn't satisfy myself with Galadriel...I feel like her neck never worked right, but I've been working on this for about 10 hours now and I am just really excited and want to post it.

I thought about giving the Black Riders the same googly eyes I give all my people, but it was just too silly.

I know, I know...carrying the ring is a BFD. But two more movies of Frodo whining? Just too much.

I also had to trace parts of Gollum because he too was looking retarded. That's why he has real fingers and toes.

So honestly? I don't remember a giant foot at all. I *think* it's at Amon Hen when Frodo is wandering around before Boromir gets all up in his grill, but I honestly could not recall where a giant random foot was and I couldn't find a helpful screencap. So...that's what I envision it looking like.

Look at the over-doing it grin...you can't trust that shifty fellow.

Yay Peter! Thank you for your lols.

~Melody and Peter


  1. I would like to agree with this post; I am a generally cool dude.

  2. Also, giant feet:


  3. OH THOSE giant feet. Silly Argonath.