Thursday, January 6, 2011

More Realisitic New Year's Resolutions

So...guess who is totally late on making this post! This gal. To be fair, there has been a tremendous about of college football happening in the last week and I've got to binge on that before it goes away until September. Also...I'm becoming an old lady and falling asleep really early in the evening.

Anyway...This whole New Year thing happened and now it's 2011 and MAGIC HAPPENS. Now, I'd love to say that I want to do all these super ambitious "Lose Weight! Save Money! See the World! Climb a Mountain! Wrestle a Bear!" sorts of things, but then I would be lying and that's no way to do anything. I would like to do some of those things (Who would really want to climb a mountain, though? :D ), but I find that if you make realistic goals and succeed at them, you are inspired by your success and can do the more difficult stuff. So, I'm going to focus on my more realistic goals - the things I think I can actually do and/or make me feel like a total badass.

1) Continue to be champion of the stairs

This actually kind of is like climbing a mountain, assuming you are comfortable metaphorically calling 10 flights of stairs a mountain. (I define "flights" as the bits before a landing.) Either way, I get to feel like a badass when I make it to the top all by myself. This goal is fairly easy to attain too. I ride the train home with generally the same group of people every day and they consistently don't make it beyond level 3 of the stairs. And since it's in the afternoon, most people are all tired and stuff and don't want to walk up to level 5. This, my reign is pretty safe as champion of the stairs and I get to end the workday feeling like a winner.

2) Have At Least One of Jonathan Coulton, Paul and Storm, Neil Gaiman, or Brent Spiner respond to something I tweet to them

Well, this actually isn't really realistic, just something that would make me feel awesome, and again, like a badass. These dudes are made of win. When I meet "celebrity" types in person, I'm generally pretty chill and not at all fan girly, but something about being replied to on Twitter just makes me feel cool. I would squee, not gonna lie. I guess I just need to attempt to be witty and maybe one day I will be noticed and things will be awesome.

3) Watch more Jeopardy

This is a prime example of taking a smaller, easy-to-do resolution and using it for bigger things. Some day, I want to be on Jeopardy. However, every time I take the stupid test I always get a string of questions on poets and artists...probably the two subjects I am least knowledgeable on. I suck up the test, and no audition for me. By resolving to merely watch more Jeopardy, I get the comfort of beating Kane at it when we play at home, and the opportunity to hopefully learn more about poets and artists and hopefully one day, make it to the big time. It comes on well after I get home every day, and winning makes a perfect addition to dinner. Plus, with Thursday Night football soon disappearing, I will be able to watch almost every night.

4) Go Camping Once

This one is pretty much for my husband. He's all "yay outside with the rocks and trees and bears that might eat your face!" like a good Boy Scout. He happily tells me about the time he went camping and then woke up and there was snow everywhere and it was 19 degrees outside. That is...possibly the most unpleasant situation in which I could find myself. I like snow, however, I am also super sensitive to cold (it causes pain and pukeyness and it's terrible). There are also bugs and dirt and the ground has rocks and it's uncomfortable. Basically, I really like showers and mattresses, and camping does not have these things. We tried to go camping once and the road that Kane claimed lead to site ran right into a giant pondy swampy thing. Kane was all "maybe something flooded" and I was all "and you wanted me to SLEEP there!?" And so we drove home.

However, because I am nice, I will endeavour to go camping again. I offer the living room as a possible destination. :D

5) Build More Blanket Forts

Go home, grab some sheets, pillows, blankets, couch cushions and something to make a support structure (the couch sans cushions, chairs, tables....) and build a fort in your living room. I guarantee you, you will be happier. Anything you can do becomes at least 6 times better if done in a pillow fort. Homework? Boring. Homework in a pillow fort? Total win. Watching a movie? Hopefully interesting. Watching a movie in a pillow fort? Best movie ever.

We built a pillow fort in our old apartment awhile back. It stayed for like 2 weeks. We slept in it (well, all the sheets and things were used in the construction). Our friends even tried to make their own fort, but their cat went all Godzilla on it. Having a sweet fort allows you to feel awesome and collected and be empowered to take down all those big scary resolutions you made. In case, the pillow fort can used for #4 and living room camping. It's a win for everyone! More blanket forts in 2011!

So there are 5 more realistic resolutions that well help make me feel like a badass. I also want to keep coming up with funny things to blog.

Now, bring on that bear.


PS: Here is the sweet pillow fort we made.

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