Monday, February 7, 2011

I broke the funny switch and also clowns are scary

I think I broke the parts of my brain that make funny things. I realized that I kind of went selective amnesia on the blog about a week ago, and so I was all "Ima make cool blog entry like a boss!" Then...I realized why I haven't been updating. I can't make things funny. I was going to post about the icepocalypase we had last month, but my post kept just getting all angry. Basically, I just feel like this all the time:

And it short-circuits the funny part of my brain. And apparently makes my hair go all clown-tastic. Thankfully it doesn't turn rainbow-colored.

In keeping with the circus-theme (which is an odd choice because I am not a fan of the circus and I HATE clowns. They are just the most terrifying things that ever was), I kind of feel like I am juggling many things and I dropped the "be fun and awesome and talk about Batman and dinosaurs in the blog" ball.

Hey, at least my hair chilled out. So I've got this kind of successful juggling going on (this is total bull, by the way. I could not juggle in real life to real life. Like, if I was in Saw 17 and it was like "you must juggle these balls of acid to make the key appear before the bear trap snaps you in half...I would be snapped in half. I completely lack the coordination needed to juggle. Also...a circus-themed Saw would be brilliant, because again, CLOWNS ARE PISS-INDUCING TERROR. I cannot stress this enough.) I juggle and it makes me so tired and I get home like this

and the cat comes over and like, smacks me to pay some attention to him but then I'm like "I still hate you!" so he meows when I want to sleep. And that punk is LOUD. So sleep deprivation and general crazypants make me unable to make funny happen with the words.

So...that's kind of why there has been no blogging. I do hope to acquire some equilibrium once again because I do have some tales I would really like to make MS Paint out of, like buying a house. Or my favorite, the time I kicked an employee of a haunted house in the balls. See, don't you want the background behind that one?


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  1. I like how you wrote a whole post about not being able to be funny and it's still funny. Blog again!