Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm not dead!

This is a little post to prove that I haven't forgotten this blog exists, and also to mention that I have been appropriately shamed for not updating.

I have some reasons for not posting - I was doing adult things. First, Kane and I bought a house.

It is all pretty and houselike, with walls and stairs and a garbage disposal (in which a measuring spoon got stuck and I unclogged it all by myself LIKE A BOSS). So we MOVED ALL THE THINGS and have been getting settled in. Why did we buy a house, you may be wondering? Well, I am expecting a baby in September.

The small creature is a boy. So that's...exciting. What with the weight gain and the puking and random pain. Woo. Hoo. In all seriousness, I am quite happy and excited and all that jazz.

Time Out: I was sitting cross-legged typing this up and twitched my toes a little bit. My peripheral vision decided that my toes were actually giant bugs of doom and that my response needed to be complete unbridled terror. I literally flew across the couch.

This is 37% of why I can't get things done. Also yes, that is a plush Companion Cube and the 2010 Winter Olympic Mascot (Quatchi the Sasquatch). They live on my couch. yeah, baby. Apologizing now for any slew of nauseating "oooh, progeny!" posts which come up in the future.

So that's things for me right now, with even more things possibly coming up on the horizon.

I have a more interesting post in the works (where have you heard that before), but this time there is actually work occurring on it. :)



  1. Melody,
    I love your blog!
    XO Aunt Jemmie

  2. I love how everything on the couch was flying in all directions and somehow ended up in one spot, lol.

  3. The stuff obviously collected itself to make a safety wall. :)